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Elena showing uterus illustrations as she is teaching a hypnobirthing course in Leicestershire

Hi lovely,

I'm Elena, the founder of Mamakind Hypnobirthing.

I'm Mama to one hypnobaby turned wild child (in the very best way possible!) and I'm passionate about all things birth and female empowerment.

Having a positive impact on the pregnancy and birth of a nervous Mama, who is wondering whether they'll be able to cope with labour; is indescribably special. I feel completely over the moon and forever grateful every time I get to work with a family at such a momentous stage i
n their life.

It's even more special than the feeling of cracking open a Ben & Jerry's tub which you haven't got to share with anyone else. Fun fact: ice cream is a weakness of mine.

Meet Elena

Why do I teach Hypnobirthing?

I had always wanted to be a Mama and long before I was even pregnant, hypnobirthing was brought onto my radar by family vloggers who I would watch on YouTube. From what I could see, they were using hypnobirthing techniques to have incredible, beautiful looking homebirths and they would rave about the impacts of the hypnobirthing course they'd done after baby had arrived.


Older and wiser Elena is now very aware of the fact that hypnobirthing isn't just for waterbirths at home with minimum pain relief, but naïve young El had been influenced by the influencers and vowed that when the time came, she would be aiming for that 'perfect' birth.

Fast forward a few years to 2018 and I was pregnant and (you guessed it) bloody terrified at the thought of squeezing a growing human out of that tiny little hole. Luckily for me, young El had done me a solid by spending all those hours watching YouTube and after a couple of months of early pregnancy fatigue and sheer terror, I booked myself and Alex (a massive hypnobirthing sceptic, now converted by the way) onto a hypnobirthing group course. Best. Decision. Ever.

Guess what?! I got my dream homebirth, in a birth pool by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree; and it was nothing short of magical! But something which might surprise you (it certainly surprised me at the time) is that had my birth been wildly different to the way I had imagined it (an emergency C-section at hospital or a trip in an ambulance maybe), I know for a fact that I was equally as prepared with the tools I had been given to make that a positive experience too. I wouldn't have been phased.

Much like the YouTube vloggers who came before me, I couldn't help but rave to anyone who would listen about the wonders hypnobirthing had done for me and my little family (just to family and friends, I'm not a YouTube sensation or anything). I hated the thought of other mamas-to-be feeling terrified of an experience which should be a moment to cherish and the idea of leaving my baby to go back to my office job filled me with dread.

So the natural next step for me was to qualify as a hypnobirthing teacher! Now not only do I get to see my gorgeous boy grow, I get support you into mamahood - I'm your best friend for birth prep!

Elena in labour sits by a birthpool in dimly lit room practicing hypnobirthing techniques in Loughborough, Leicestershire
Elated new mother and birth partner with newborn baby after calm hypnobirth in birthpoolin

What makes me a hypnobirthing expert?

I have first hand experience of using hypnobirthing throughout my pregnancy and birth and I've supported other families to do the same.

I was taught by Katherine Graves and qualified as a hypnobirthing teacher in 2019 by earning a diploma with KGHypnobirthing - a course which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

Since then I have uplevelled my skills by taking the Love Your Birth Expansion Course and LYB's ongoing training and workshops mean my knowledge is constantly growing.

I'm always working to make sure that my courses are more engaging than ever! Which means I won't sit talking at you for hours on end and you'll actually be able to remember what we speak about rather than being bored to tears!

Elena - Hypnobirthing instructor in Leicestershire teaches hypnobirthing class in Loughborough by showing a model pelvis


KGH Logo Gold & Blue JPEG.jpg
Newborn clutches new parent's finger


I would completely recommend Mamakind Hypnobirthing to everyone. Elena was able to provide facts and scientific evidence and everything she said made sense.

Birth partner holds new baby


It was the best decision I had made. I had quite a stressful pregnancy and these sessions not only helped me prepare and feel less anxious about labour but they also relaxed me at some of the most stressful points in my pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing newborn supported by first time mum's hands


I learnt that my role as the birth partner is more than just sitting by her side - that I can help her achieve her dream birth with different practical techniques.


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