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Feeling inquisitive? I got you

Is hypnobirthing for me?

Yes! Hypnobirthing is for ALL births. Whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, whether you're planning a drug-free birth or you're taking all the pain-relief you can get. Whatever kind of birth you're planning, wherever you're planning to give birth and even if nothing ends up going to plan - hypnobirthing is for you.

Really though? I think it's a bit too woowoo for me.

I completely understand. 'Hypnobirthing' can make it sound as though I'll be swinging a pendulum in front of your face until I've got you under mind control and you sneeze your baby out. I promise it's not like that. You will be in control of your mind and body at all times and there will be absolutely no chanting or woowoo. Everything we talk about is based in science and logic!

When is the best time to do a hypnobirthing course?

Most Mamas choose to do their hypnobirthing course sometime between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant. There is no 'right' time to do the course, so if you feel as though you'd benefit from starting earlier than that, then I'm here for it! And if you've found hypnobirthing a little later in pregnancy, don't worry; there's still time. My Essentials course could be perfect for you!

Does my birth partner need to be there?

No, you can do a hypnobirthing course by yourself. However, birth partners can be your biggest support throughout labour and birth so they will gain a lot from coming along to our sessions as well. Birth partners quite often start out feeling pretty sceptical, so you're not alone if this is the case! And please remember that your birth partner doesn't necessarily have to be the father of the baby; it's about who will be the best support for you.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely! Please send me a message if you'd like to hear about the payment plans I have available.

Hypnobirthing Mama with bump in green bodysuit


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