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Alex, Elena & Reuben - 

Family Holiday 2019


Before Elena mentioned hypnobirthing to me, all I knew about pregnancy and labour was from what was on the TV, what little education came from school and being told by others to prepare to be shouted at a lot during labour.


I was quite sceptic about the course to start with but after attending, it opened up my mind to how logical the process of birth is, how our own minds can be used to achieve the dream birth, and my role as the birthing partner is more than just sitting by her side - that I can help her achieve her dream birth with different practical techniques.

I believe in this course helping Elena so much, that I started telling everyone about how amazing it was; from friends without children, to colleagues who had their children 20 years ago.

I can honestly say that this course was one of the best experiences for us both because of our knowledge gained, and how the different techniques we learnt as we prepared for the arrival of our gorgeous baby boy bought us closer together, both physically and emotionally.

Birth Partner's Perspetive
Ruby's Testimony

When I first thought about hypnobirthing I didn't really believe it would be of any help. I was very sceptical and quite closed minded about it. However I decided to give it a shot and see what it was all about.


It was the best decision I had made. I had quite a stressful pregnancy and these sessions not only helped me prepare and feel less anxious about labour but they also relaxed me at some of the most stressful points in my pregnancy. The techniques can be applied to so many things and worked wonders.


My labour was 3hrs 52 from my waters breaking to the arrival of our gorgeous daughter and I honestly feel this was down to how relaxed I was throughout. I had a water birth with gas and air, but felt in a 'zone' all the time and in control and I really feel like it was the hypnobirthing that helped with this.

Elena was so professional throughout and made me feel so relaxed. My partner wasn't one for being involved but this wasn't any issue at all and there were ways to make it work. I really can't thank Elena enough for helping me.


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