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ONE SKILL you need to learn for an EASY BIRTH

Hello Lovely, I’ve got a question for you!

When someone tells you to ‘just relax’ how do you feel?

Really take a moment to think about your answer. In fact, let me give you a scenario...

You’re at the dentist's office, feeling vulnerable and a little bit nervous. You’re laid back on that big chair right in the middle of the room with your mouth wide open and there’s a complete stranger coming towards you with pokey tools in hand. Right as they’re about to enter into your personal space they tell you to ‘just relax’.

Do you feel any better than you did 10 seconds before the dentist’s demand? When you heard the word ‘relax’ did you automatically melt into a tranquil state of meditative calm?

Erm no, I highly doubt it. Because being able to easily slip into a state of deep relaxation is a skill and it takes practice!

We don’t often think of relaxation as being a skill but I think most people have picked up a few techniques that they’ve practiced over and over so many times that they just come as second nature. For example, maybe when you’re prompted to relax you automatically take a few deep breaths or shake your muscles out to let the tension go?

These are great tools to have but sometimes they’re not quite enough!

It’s very difficult to override your natural instincts by just consciously thinking to yourself that you should relax. It’s the subconscious part of your brain that controls how your body reacts to what it classes as a stressful situation.

And it really doesn’t matter if you can logically reason to yourself that a situation shouldn’t be scary or stressful either! People who are scared of spiders can logically think to themselves that a spider is much smaller than them and can do them no real harm, but it doesn’t stop their muscles from tensing up and their heart from racing when they spot one! Their fight/flight/freeze response kicks in because in the subconscious part of their brain, spiders are filed under ‘DANGER’.

So what does any of this have to do with having a baby?

The more relaxed we are in labour and birth, the easier it is!

In fact there are so many benefits to being relaxed in labour that I don’t think I could fit them all into one blog post! Here are a few of the biggies:

  • Being relaxed in labour means your muscles aren’t tensed up – making for less painful contractions

  • Because your muscles aren’t tense they can do their job more easily, often resulting in a faster labour

  • When you’re relaxed you’re more likely to let your body work at its own pace which means less chance of tearing

  • When you’re relaxed you have a clear mind which means it's easier for you to make the best decisions for you and your baby

  • It is so much nicer for your baby to be born into a calm atmosphere rather than their first experience of the world being a room of frenzied panic

In every Mamakind course I teach I ensure that both you and your birth partner learn a variety of super effective relaxation techniques which really target the subconscious part of your brain. So you will absolutely be able to quickly access that tranquil state of meditative calm I was talking about earlier, even when you’re experiencing your strongest contractions!

We’ll practice everything you learn in our sessions together but you can choose your favourite techniques and the ones which work best for you to practice at home, with my continued support; right up until your little one arrives.

It’s important that your birth partner has these tools in their back pocket too because it means that they can be there for you in labour – especially if you have a bit of a wobble because they’ll be able to bring you back into that relaxed mindset really quickly.

And as if this blog post hasn’t given you enough reasons to learn these relaxation techniques I’ll leave you with just one more – these skills are completely transferable to the rest of your life. Having these tools will make you a calmer parent, which I promise your little one will thank you for!

P.S. If you’d like to find out a bit more about Mamakind courses you can take a look here

Or send me a message! My number is 07757697593. I’d love to hear from you soon lovely!


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