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Something New Is On It's Way

Hello Lovely,

I have news! There's going to be one more to adore around here because our baby girl will be arriving this Spring!

I'm so excited to start sharing this pregnancy with you and fill you in with everything that's been happening so far. But shall we start with the basics?

  • I'm 24 weeks pregnant

  • Little one is due to arrive this May

  • She's our first baby girl (Her big brother Reuben, is 5)

  • She seems to be happy and healthy in there!

  • I'm planning a homebirth and practicing my Hypnobirthing (of course!)

Have I missed anything important?

Thankfully this pregnancy has been pretty kind to me so far, but I'll be sharing lots more about the highs and lows soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or think I've missed anything, you can pop me a message.

And if you're in the bump club too, please let me know how far along you are! We're in this together Mama and I want to chat all things pregnancy with you!


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